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Vans Shoe Co.
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Written by the EVIL Ones at EVILBMX. 7/24/03

This is a review of Vans Company..

It would be hard to believe that anybody reading this article has never heard of Vans. The name is symbiosis (connection with) BMX biking, skateboarding and other extreme sports. I bought a pair of Vans shoes 3 years ago and I still use them. I like to wear them when I ride my BMX bike on the hot black asphalt slab scuffing like a madman trying to land that same flatland trick. The Vans seem to hook easier to the tire when scuffing compared to my other biking shoes. The Vans Shoe company has been around a long time so we did some research on the company.

Here are some of the facts of Vans. The California based company opened their first skatepark in the Midwest. It is a 53,000 square foot indoor and outdoor located in Novi, Michigan (Detroit). Other Vans skateparks include cities Moorestown, NJ, Woodbridge, VA, Buford, GA, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Orange, CA, Milpitas, CA and Westminster, CO. Some of Vans top professional riders include Tony Alva, Omar Hassan and Salman Agah for skateboarding and for BMX riders T.J. Lavin and Heath Pinter. It is a known fact they hold some major contests such as the Vans Triple Crown. But something that was just started is the Annual Mountain Dew Free Flow Tour. The tour travels across the nation holding amateur skateboarding contests. This tour is dedicated only to the amateur skateboarder.

The company has done a lot to give back to the consumer of Vans products. You can check out Vans product line by clicking on the link below.