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How to build a BMX Bunny Hop trainer.
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Build a bmx Bunny Hop Trainer

Written by: Ivan Gotta Crotchful

Learning to get enough height to start grinding and stalling can be a real challenge for the beginning BMX biker. Here is something that can be built and used to get the heights needed. The best part about it that it is cheap and easy to build. Materials can found at your local lumber/hardware store. The materials needed are as follows;


1-1/2"x8 piece of hard plastic water pipe.

20-2" finish nails.

1-3/4"x1x4 plywood

4-3"deck screws

With the materials assemble as the diagram illustrates.


BMX ramps
"Click on picture to Enlarge".

The 3" deck screws come up from the bottom of the plywood into the 2"x4"x3 boards.

The finishing nails are nailed into the board about " to " The nails provide a place for the plastic pipe to hang. You can put the nails 1" apart going up on each side.

Using the Bunny Hop Trainer.

Set the trainer in the middle of the area you are going practice. Set the pipe on the lowest nail to get use to it. Start from the opposite side where the pipe hangs and ride towards the pipe and hop over it. If you hit the pipe it will simply fall off the hanger. When you clear the pipe with ease raise it another 1".

You will find after using the Bunny Hop Trainer your grinding and stalls will be easier at the Skate Park or street riding. You can amaze your BMX and skateboarding hombres with your new learned skills.

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