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Wheels on Fire, Marshfield News Herald
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We read your Wheels on Fire article in the Lifestyle section of the Marshfield News Herald from Monday, June 2.  It's awesome that BMX is finally getting recognized as a sport.  Hopefully, by accident the Medford Skatepark was left off the list by mistake.  The Medford Skatepark was built before any of the listed parks except Area 51 in Appleton.  In fact, the riders from the other parks used our park until theirs was built.
Also in the article it was mentioned that Merrill is thinking of banning bikes from using it.  We thought they built the park for that reason, to get the bikers off the street and in a safe place to ride.  For the life of us, we don't understand why some skateparks do that.  We have skateboarders, bikers and rollerbladers using our park all the time.
In closing, we take BMX biking seriously here and would like our skatepark mentioned next time if possible.
Thanks for listening to us.
CJ and Kevin