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Product Tests
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Heres some reviews on products previosly tested. That way you know if the shit sucks or not.

The "new" oddyssey brake cables.

Durability - 8
Accuracy - 5
E-Z to work with - 4
Overall rating - 6
This is a better than average score which is amazing for oddyssey. The "new" cable is actually good compared to their old shit.

The Etnies Pivot shoe.

Durability - 9
Comfort - 7
Pedal slippage - 6
Overall - 8.25
These Etnies were so nice that I bought 2 pairs of them.

The Etnies Trauma's

Durability -7
Comfort -9
Pedal slippage-3(not much)
Overall -8.75
These shoes are nice and comfy and offer great support but the durability kinda sux ass.

Standard "Lengthy"

The standard lengthy is built like a fuckin' tank. I give this frame two thumbs up.