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Communication Breakdown

Too much communication
Too much communication
Lack of communication

For the over-achievers of talking. 


Communication Apprehension.

There are certain elements in communication you have to check yourself with.

-          Some people don’t know how to handle social situations. Some people when put in large crowds, talk in a nervous ramble, others just shy away and hide in a corner. This is for the rambler.

-          Know when to stop and listen. When others speak, pay attention and keep interest in the topic.

-          If you ramble when you drink alcohol, pace yourself, keep your conversation steady.

-          Keep proper body language. Be careful not to offend others by your body language.

-          Relax! Stay calm and breathe. Speaking in a crowd is not the end of the world.

-          Stay away from bragging or “Self-Preoccupation.”

-          Stay with-in your Personal Space

-      Personal Space- Maintain a proper distance between yourself and the person you’re socializing with.

Zone 1. 0”-12” Intimate distance. Zone 2. 18”- 4’ Personal distance. Zone 3. 4’- 12’ Social distance. Zone 4. 12’+ Public distance. (see example below)


Example of overcommunication and invasion of space